AP Pro Clay Bar 80g Fine Grade

AP Pro Clay Bar 80g Fine Grade

Dreadnought Customs Limited

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Product Description

AP PRO Clay Bar 80g fine grade

Fine – grade clay bar designed to be used for regular maintenance. This fine clay bar is gentle enough that it will not mark or mar your paintwork, but strong enough to remove contaminants, leaving your paintwork feeling smooth as glass.

A Clay Bar will safely remove bonded contaminates safely thus making the surface ready for the next detailing steps, your surface will then be prepped and give your wax a bond to the vehicle, can also be used before machine polishing.

Tear off required amount and keep well lubricated during use, can be used with our Clarity quick detailer as a clay lubricant

store in case

Keep out of reach of children

* itsm may be visually different from one pictured