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The Worx Wheel Wax

The Worx Wheel Wax

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Product Description

The Worx Wheel Wax

A high performance long lasting protective barrier to keep you wheels in stunning condition.

The Worx wheel wax uses a blend of high temperature synthetic waxes to protect against break dust build up and corrosion.

Can be used on all wheel finishes including polished alloy, painted and powdercoated wheels.

A light purple fruity smelling wax set in a stunning U.V purple aluminium jar

150ml in size

Directions for use :

Make sure wheels are thoroughly cleaned and dried before application, Apply a thin layer over the entire wheel surface, ensuring the whole wheel is covered, coat remaining wheels.

Once cured to a haze buff the wax of each wheel in the order that it was applied this will ensure equal curing times.

The worx will provide an average of 1-2 months of protection.

To maintain the protection on your wheels use a ph neutral shampoo and water, avoid strong wheel cleaners as this will affect the durability of your wheel wax coating.

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