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DIY Mod Guides/ Downloads

Diy Mod guides And Downloads

Here are a few guides to modifications i have carried out on my own car and also some free downloads. please use at your own risk ensuring the modification does not render your car illegal for your specific country, i will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that these guides cause, read them and decide if you think you can do it in a safe manner first.

 Scirocco Mk2 type 53b smooth rear light modifcation 

Light Modification guide


Paper Vw Scirocco Mk2 Download

Here is a free download of a Scirocco Mk2 printable 3d paper model, just print, colour in cut and glue. I will be having a paper scirocco show and shine, so get your cars made and modified!!

Click here for paper Scirocco build guide

VW Scirocco Paper Model PDF.

VW Scirocco Paper Model SVG