Kaos - Immersion PH Neutral Shampoo

Kaos - Immersion PH Neutral Shampoo

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Immersion - Car Shampoo is a blend of pH neutral detergents and special additives which rapidly lift oil, grease & road grime from your paintwork.

Wax & sealant friendly - Immersion provides a swirl-free, effortless glide with brilliant results. 

Cherry scented - Sweet smell but packs a punch!

How to use: 

Immersion comes neat and should be diluted to your needs. 

Fill one bucket with water & Immersion and another bucket with just water.

Make sure to mix Immersion in well (best results using pressure washer)

Dip a wash mitt into the soapy bucket and contact wash your car, be sure to rinse in the second bucket after each panel to remove any particles from the mitt to prevent scratches/swirls.

Rinse off thoroughly when when done.

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