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1.8t Rev Counter Conversion box

1.8t Rev Counter Conversion box

Dreadnought Customs Limited

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Ghetto Motorsport 1.8t tacho box to allow use of the standard rev counter with 1.8t conversions. This clever little box converts the 1.8t ECU rev signal to the correct signal for oem clocks. Suitable for 1.8t engine conversions into Vw Golf Mk1/2, Scirocco Mk1/2, Jetta Mk1/2 and similar.  

This will also work for ABF conversions using Mk3 Golf coils into the above vehicles.


Fitment requires the attachment of x4 wires-

Black- Ignition live

Brown- ground

Green Brown- ecu

Red Black- tacho

The fitment details are annotated on the rear of the tacho box itself.